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Prof. dr. EditaGruodytė – Advocate of Stašaitis & Partners Law office, attended in Scientific - practical Conference „Challenges of Globalisation to criminal justice“, organized by VMU, VU and MRU. Prof. dr. Edita Gruodytė read a paper „Surrogacy Institute: Concept and demand of criminalization considering to the practices of other countries“.


Stašaitis & Partners Law office drafted and negotiated long - term contract of purchase – sale of nutritional raw materials. The sum of contract is more than 1 million litas.


Neringa Palionienė – assistant advocate, joined the team of Stašaitis & Partners Law office. The new member of the office, which are seeking Doctor of Law degree, are interested not only for professional innovations, but also distinguish an active academic activities at the Vytautas Magnus university. N. Palionienė lecture criminal law for students at VMU faculty of law, also participate in various seminars, conferences, international scientific projects and preparing scientific articles of criminal law.


Prof. dr. Edita Gruodytė - Advocate of Stašaitis & Partners Law office, attended in International Scientific Conference „The economic, law and educational Issues 2013” and read a paper „Training peculiarity of lawyers in globalization context“.


Advokatų kontora Stašaitis & Partners rengė ir derino negyvenamųjų patalpų nuomos sutartį. Nuomos kaina metams – daugiau kaip 50 tūkst. Lt.


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